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So a few years ago (okay, maybe a few months ago), I thought I didn’t deserve to look fabulous.  I’m fat.  My rolls stick out of my pants.  My boobs flop out.  My arms are ugly.  Cover it all up.

I’ve since discovered the health at any size movement and wonderful blogs like Shapely Prose, as well as other blogs that advocate the beauty of even the very most plus size women.  Once I got over my unfounded fear of wearing cute clothes and actually showing off my curves, I found a lot of confidence I didn’t know I had.  These cute shoes?  Oh, they’re fabuous, aren’t they?  This top?  40% off and it flatters my figure! 

I can’t tell you how many times since I’ve started consciously caring about my style choices that I have had people comment on my outfits, praising the shoes to the pants to the bag (well, I’m working on the handbag problem at the moment, so I haven’t gotten many of those).  I’ve also spent a lot of time in the past several months purusing fat fashion blogs and plus size clothing retailer websites, both here and abroad.  And guess what?  There are great fashions out there for you!  And they don’t have to cost a fortune!

I’ve noticed that a lot of the fat fashion blogs have a lot of similar problems.  They a) feature clothing, shoes, and bags that the average person couldn’t afford even she saved for months; b) have vague advice about feeling good or wearing certain fabrics or colors without offering any practical advice about where to buy; c) feature individual pieces, rather than whole outfits; or d) don’t have pictures of anything!  I don’t know about you, but I’m a very visual person.  Without the pictures of the fabulous shoes you are supposed to wear to a wedding, I don’t know what you’re talking about.  And if I do know what you’re talking about but can’t afford them, what’s the point? 

So, I plan on offering practical advice, lots of pictures and polyvore sets, and featuring actual affordable clothing.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to or want to buy everything that I put up here, but I will make an effort to at least make sure that the average fatshionista might consider buying it.

Now, don’t make any more excuses.  Throw out the old t-shirts with Disney World logos and the jeans with frayed hems and the strange hand bags from 1997 and get out the most fabulous outfit you own.  Don’t you feel better?


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