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Beauty Secrets

In every grocery store aisle all across America are hundreds upon hundreds of articles about the best beauty secrets that you can use to look amazing.

You don’t have to look far, though, to find the secret to great beauty.  I could be very cliche and tell you that the secret to great beauty is within yourself and that you just have to have confidence in yourself and your own beauty and that it will shine through, no matter what.  To a certain extent, I believe this with all of my heart.  I won’t for a minute tell you that you have to be thin, wear the right clothes, or have great hair to be beautiful.  However, today I’m going to talk about something that a lot of women neglect: their make up.

Make up shouldn’t be about covering up.  It should be about enhancing your best features.  The problem is that cheap products from the drug store are not going to work for most women.  There are certainly some products out there that work well, and Sara from Bombshell Beauty regularly features these items in her blog.

I’ve gone through stages in my adult life regarding the kind of make-up person I am.  At first, I wore make-up for the sake of wearing make-up.  I got free items from Clinique and wore them whether they looked good or not.  Next, I was a make-up whore, buying things at the drug store, online, and from department stores.  I tried everything and I tried wearing everything.  Both of these strategies did not work.  Next, I tried the minimalist approach, wearing only bronzer and lip gloss.  While this works for some girls, I wanted color and excitement.  I’ve now finally settled on what I think will be the best approach to make-up for me for the rest of my life.

The secret, ladies, is buying quality products and taking care of them.  A little boutique store called About Face opened up in Rochester a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.  The women there are friendly without being pushy and they are willing to help you find what you need.  I would suggest finding a similar store in your home town.  Find a place that carries specialty products that you wouldn’t normally find in a drug store or a department store.  Look for something small where the people who work there are willing to let you try different things.

My first purchase there was the Bare Essentials basic kit.  This product does not work for everyone, but it has worked very well for me over the past year and a half.  Once I found that I like the products, I started trying the eye shadows.  The shadows comes in dozens of different colors and shades and it is easy to find something you like.  The best part is that the pigments are strong and the shadow is easy to apply.  Another secret that I’ve discovered is that a good brush is worth the money.  You may be turned off  by the $30 price tag on a simple eye shadow brush, but trust me — that brush will last you forever and you will be so glad you bought it!  As long as you take care of your brushes by cleaning them weekly, you won’t have any problems.

Now my make-up drawer is full of high quality items that are going to last me a very long time.  The brushes, blushes, glosses, and eye shadows I’ve acquired work wonders no matter what look I’m going for.  I’ve also discovered that this approach is fairly easy to keep up.  Now that I know I like a certain shade, for instance, when it runs out, I just go buy a new one and don’t bother trying a new shade just for the sake of getting a new shade.

While I’ve probably spent more on make-up in the last year than I have in my entire life time, I am more happy now with my make-up than I’ve ever been.  The real secret, friends, is finding the make-up that works for you, using high quality brushes and products, and sticking with something that works.

And then find that confidence that is within you because without it, you won’t look your best.


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