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Again, inspired by some of the wonderful ladies out there on the intertubes, I’ve discovered something wonderful about beauty organization and efficiency: they’re connected!

Yes, it’s true, the more organized you are, the more efficient your morning routine can be.

Let’s take a look at what I started with:


This first pic is my messy bathroom, with my products and tools lying around.  The second pic is my ever growing collection of make-up.  It doesn’t fit in one bag any more and whenI’m looking for a particular color of shadow, I’m constantly searching through the bag.

My first idea was to get several plastic divider-type things to organize my drawers. Then I thought, “What would be really great would be if I could buy a vanity.  But I don’t have room for a vanity.”  But then I realized…. “Wait… I already have a vanity!”

Of course, most of you probably won’t have a vanity lying around in your house, but I just happened to have an empty one in my guest bedroom which was part of a set of bedroom furniture my parents gave me.  I then went out and found plenty of drawer organizing tools at my local Target and this was the result!

287I’ve since added two matching lamps that I had stored in a closet.

Here are the drawers:288290

The first pic is of the middle drawer.  As my collection grows, I will probably move my eyeshadows to a separate drawer and use this middle drawer just for the daily essentials.  But isn’t it fun!  I open up my drawers and it looks like a beauty counter!

I went on and on about how excited I was about this space all my own to my husband, but I won’t do that here.  Suffice it to say, I am much more organized, it makes things easier, and my morning routine is more efficient.


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So I’m totally obsessed with makeup right now.  Its beyond my control and I just can’t help myself.  Thus my new infatuation with the makeup blogs Makeup Geek and Temtalia.

Here is a teal and purple eye I did for Memorial day.

purple and teal 5.25.09 view 2purple and teal 5.25.09

I’m still experimenting with the camera and the lighting.  You can tell that these pictures were taken on two different settings with different light sources.  They look different, but they both capture what the eye looks like, if that’s possible.  The teal color I used in the inner lid and on the crease is not showing up as well as it does in real life.  That may be because of the product I used or because of the lighting.  As I said, I’m experimenting, and I’ll continue working on it as my makeup collection increases.  (On a side note, from these pictures I’ve determined that I really need to spend some time on my eyebrows.  I’ve always liked my eyebrows so I never thought I needed to do anything to them, but I will need to invest in something to fill them in a shape them so I don’t get those scary fly-aways.)

Speaking of the makeup I used, let’s get a list.


  • Bare Minerals Foundation in Fairly Light
  • Bare Minerals face color in Warmth
  • Bare Minerals blush in Beauty
  • (Can you tell I was obsessed with Bare Minerals for a while?)


  • MAC shadestick in Beige-ing (all over lid)
  • Clinique color surge eyeshadow in peacock (in crease and inner lid as well as around the tear duct)
  • MAC eyeshadow in Parfait Amour (outer lid)
  • Bare Minerals eyeshadow in Camp (just a wash over the crease)
  • Smashbox Jet Set eyeliner in Midnight Black (upper and lower)
  • Scott Barnes Eye Ice in Lame (just a dab in the inner corner to brighten)

Hope you enjoyed!

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Make-up: MAC

I live in a town where we have just recently seen designer-brand make-up appear in a cute boutique store downtown.  Prior to the arrival of this store, a woman’s options were limited to Macy’s, Herberger’s, Wal-Mart and Target, unless you wanted to purchase Aveda products at the local salon.  At the department stores you had your choice of Este Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, and recently, Prescriptives.  Of course, Target and Wal-Mart carry the typical brands.

As I’ve already said, I’ve discovered recently that if I spend more money on a higher-end product, I’ve been much happier with the results.  A great make-up brush helps too.

I’ve only been using Bare Escentuals for the past year, and while I love that make-up line, the pigment in the eyeshadows wasn’t nearly as deep as I would have liked it to be.  As I pondered a way to improve my make-up regimine, I also realized that I as in deep need of an eye shadow base.

Enter MAC products, purchased at a Macy’s in Washington, D.C. and only available about and hour and a half away from my town.  I purchased the highlighting stick from MAC, as well as two brilliant shades, a bright purple and a deep forest green.  It’s been a while since I’ve used pressed powder shadows, as all Bare Escentuals shadows are in mineral powder form.  But these MAC eye shadows are simply brilliant.  They come in a nice, small, black container with a large viewing circle in the center, making for easy identification.  The shadows are smooth and apply evenly and smoothly and look bright and exciting on the eye.

The highlighting stick, which is used as a base for shadow, works wonders as well and I’m surprised I’ve actually gone this long without it.  You can apply the highlighting stick on its own, which works well for an on-the-go application.  On me it is a shimmering nude color.  I apply the creamy, marker-ish product all over the eyelide.  Then I apply my eyeshadow, usually below the brow bone, leaving the highlighting product alone to do its job near my brows.  Using the highlighting stick makes a significant difference to the application of the product, as well as helping it stay bright longer and preventing creasing.  I’ve also realized that highlighting stick makes my mineral eyeshadow look better too, which is great because I’ve been becoming more and more disenchanted with those eye shadows for a while now.

Additionally, I purchased a MAC mascara in a color called brownette.  The mascara comes in a black stick that is wider than it is long.  I think this accounts for the fact that  I find more product on the brush in this mascara than I normally did on other mascaras.  MAC mascara makes my eyelashes really pop in a way that no other mascaras have.  It separates the lashes well and coats evenly and thoroughly, but most importantly, the MAC mascara is what tops off my perfect eye.  The mascara gives my eyes a pop of glam and, along with the shockingly purple shadow, creates a beautiful look that I wish I could wear even more often.

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