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Last week was American Thanksgiving, and, like many Americans, I spent the week doing…… well, absolutely nothing.

In fact, I’m appalled to report that last week I didn’t go to the gym once.  That, plus the mounds of food I ate during the week, could only lead to one thing… weight gain.

HOWEVER – by some kind of miraculous metabolism feat, I gained only a half a pound. 

I try not to concentrate on my weight, however.  I focus more on how I feel, how out of breath I am when I walk up a flight of stairs, and how my clothes fit.  In fact, as I was looking at the number of the scale, I suddenly realized that I’ve actually lost 20 pounds since last winter.  I’m not exactly sure when that all happened, because I hardly ever step on the scale.  I just know that sometime around July, half of my clothes stopped fitting.  I’ve dropped at least one size in all of my clothing, which is great for sorting through my closet, but not so great for the wallet.  Unfortunately, loosing that much weight means your clothes no longer fit, which means you need to replace your clothes, which means you need to spend money on clothes that might not fit you next year.  At least, I hope they don’t fit me next year, as I hope to have lost another 20 pounds by then.  But, again, I’m not focusing on weight. 

In fact, not focusing on my weight loss has been a huge boon to this endeavor.  Instead of getting frustrated over the lack of weight loss registering on the scale, I focused on the increased distance I could run, my increased flexibility, and how fast I could complete a run or bike.  For the first several weeks of my training schedule this summer, I didn’t even step on a scale.  My goal was to complete the triathlon, and that was it.  If I lost weight in the process, that would be a bonus. 

My weight loss has actually petered off since the triathlon.  I’ve only lost an additional 4 pounds since the beginning of September.  But my goal, like always, is not the weight loss, but the completion of a task – in this case, the task being the Kansas City Groundhog 10K on January 29th.

Which leads  me to my last title point – I only have 60 more days until the event.  And those 60 days lie smack-dab in the middle of a busy holiday season and a vacation.  Which means I absolutely have to get my act together.  On Monday I ran 4 miles, but that felt really terrible.  And I have to be able to run an additional 2 miles before the end of the January.

At this point, that goal seems almost (I said almost) unattainable.  But I have to keep reminding myself that it only took me 4 months to complete an entire triathlon, so anything is possible.


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