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It’s been a while, I know.

First there was the family vacation, then the broken refrigerator, then our dog got sick and we ultimately had to euthanize him, and finally, I had a biopsy on a mole on my back (which was negative for cancer, btw).  What that ultimately meant was a couple of weeks without running much at all.

It happens.

Life gets in the way of training sometimes.  What’s important is what happens after the hiatus is over.

That’s why I love running.  You can always pick it back up.  You might not be as fast or able to run as far as you did before you took a break, but you ultimately know that given a couple of weeks and some hard work, you’ll be back to your old running self.

A hiatus sometimes means though that you have reevaluate your goals and plans.  Realistically, I’m not ready to race the duathlon in September, so I’ve put that race off for this year.  Perhaps next year I’ll be able to do it.  But I’ve signed up for the Monster Dash Half Marathon (October) as well as the Disney Princess Half Marathon (February), so I know I have to get back on track with my long runs.  Prior to all of this chaos, I was up to a 9 mile long run.  It’s unfortunate that I’ve now lost all of that progress I made, and I’ll probably have to start back at 6 miles for my long run.  But I have time, and all it takes is some effort.

Game on.


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