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Again, inspired by some of the wonderful ladies out there on the intertubes, I’ve discovered something wonderful about beauty organization and efficiency: they’re connected!

Yes, it’s true, the more organized you are, the more efficient your morning routine can be.

Let’s take a look at what I started with:


This first pic is my messy bathroom, with my products and tools lying around.  The second pic is my ever growing collection of make-up.  It doesn’t fit in one bag any more and whenI’m looking for a particular color of shadow, I’m constantly searching through the bag.

My first idea was to get several plastic divider-type things to organize my drawers. Then I thought, “What would be really great would be if I could buy a vanity.  But I don’t have room for a vanity.”  But then I realized…. “Wait… I already have a vanity!”

Of course, most of you probably won’t have a vanity lying around in your house, but I just happened to have an empty one in my guest bedroom which was part of a set of bedroom furniture my parents gave me.  I then went out and found plenty of drawer organizing tools at my local Target and this was the result!

287I’ve since added two matching lamps that I had stored in a closet.

Here are the drawers:288290

The first pic is of the middle drawer.  As my collection grows, I will probably move my eyeshadows to a separate drawer and use this middle drawer just for the daily essentials.  But isn’t it fun!  I open up my drawers and it looks like a beauty counter!

I went on and on about how excited I was about this space all my own to my husband, but I won’t do that here.  Suffice it to say, I am much more organized, it makes things easier, and my morning routine is more efficient.


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