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No runner wants to be faced with an injury.  But with proper care, stretching, strength training, and proper gear, you can prevent most injuries.

However…. I have unfortunately been the victim of one of the worst injuries to befall a runner – plantar fasciitis and a heel spur.  Fortunately, this injury – at least at the time being – doesn’t prevent me from running, and only causes pain after I’ve not been moving for a while.  I made a quick visit to Sports Med last week and the solution was a night splint to keep my foot flexed, stretching, icing, and insoles for my super flat arches.  Hopefully these treatments will help my foot heal quickly and won’t cause any additional problems.

Now on to the good news: this Saturday is my first big race of the season – the Cannon Falls Duathlon, where I will be participating as the running part of a team.  I’m looking forward to cheering on my teammate as she competes in her first race ever!

I’m hoping for a 21-22 minute finish in the 2 mile part of the run, and under 34 minute finish for the 3 mile part of the run.

A post-race report will be up a few days after that.  Hopefully I’ll have a few more posts up in the near future reviewing some products I have recently acquired.

Wish me luck!


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Age:   55

Years cycling:  29

Current bikes owned:  4

Average miles in a single year:  4,000

Today I’m starting a new feature on my blog, an interview with someone I consider an “expert” in his or her fitness field.  Today I’d like to introduce you to someone who knows what he’s talking about.  You can judge for yourself here, but I can vouch for him.  He’s been giving me good advice for the past 29 years!


First off, can I just say, 4,000 miles in a single year!!!!

Now on to the question and answer portion of our post…


When and why did you first become interested in cycling? 1980 or 81 – had arthroscopic surgery on both knees.. doctor suggested I should not be running anymore due to the wear on my meniscus cartilage.

What was your first bike?  Bought from the neighbor across the street – SEAR ultralight (I think) weighed about 30 lbs!

What suggestions or advice do you have for a person new to cycling? Get a decent bike, but not a “cheap” bike,  stay away from the “department store” bikes – go to a bike shop – you get what you pay for.  Start out with achievable goals…  don’t try and ride 30 miles the first time out.. start out low and work your way up – you legs and butt will thank you.

What do you suggest for cyclists during the winter months?  Do Spinning classes or stationary bike, or get a resistance trainer for your road bike.  Don’t forget to do some strength training too.

What equipment/gear can you not live without?  Helmet.  Cycle computer (need to know distance, time, etc).  Decent shoes and bike shorts or gel saddle cover for those long rides.  I also need to know how to fix a flat and then carry a spare tube and the tools necessary to do the job.

What do you love most about cycling?  The freedom to cover greater distances and see more things than you can with walking or running.. Great aerobic exercise without much risk of the type of injury you would see with running.

What are your favorite routes in Southern Minnesota?  I like to get over to the Mississippi River valley, Whitewater River valley, or Root River area near Lanesboro.  I love the scenery and the challenge of the hills.

THEN. Proof (well, almost) that he really has been doing this my whole life!

NOW. The cyclist in 2004. That's him on the right.

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